PositiveSingles Desktop Version and PC Website

Positive Singles PC version is the largest and oldest platform among all of its platforms. According tosimilarweb.com, there are 650K average monthly visits in 2016 on the desktop version of positivesingles. Canada is the second largest country which contributes to the website traffic by following the top contributor: USA.

Positive Singles Desktop Reviews

On the desktop version, there are many unique features which are designed specifically to cater to the singles with STDs. Below are the reviews of those unique and useful features:

1, Quick exit

This feature is to protect the privacy of users. When there is anyone approaching you, you can flee from positivesingles by clicking this button. Then the system will redirect you to gmail.com smoothly, which will make the person think you just move to gmail.com from another website.

2, Activity

Latest activities shows the updates from all users publicly. As a user, you can view the latest activities of others to know about the new status of them. It's a great way for users to find out who are active recently.

3, Groups

The feature "Groups" is a community for users to create groups with like-minded people. Everyone can create a group and invite other users to join. People can share their ideas and photos in the group, they can also create some discussions and organize events.

4, Counsellor

Dating counsellor allows you to ask questions regarding dating, safety and discuss emotional or psychological issues. The counsellor helps users to solve the emotional problems caused by being infected by an STD.

5, Inspirational stories

Users share their personal stories of coping with STDs in "Inspirational stories" section. There are more than 1400 stories posted on the website. Many users have been inspired by those stories.

6, STD Q&A

All users can post their questions regarding STDs in STD Q&A section anonymously. The STD counsellor on the website and other users can answer to those questions freely.

7, STD dating tips

This feature collects tips of dating with an STD from users, and posts them onto the website for other users to learn from. It's useful for users who don't know how to date with an STD.

8, Treatment stories

Treatment stories is a section where users can share the stories of how they treat their STDs. Users can get useful information from those stories to treat their STDs effectively.