Positive Singles Mobile Version

More and more people use their smart phones to access websites on the Internet. The mobile version of positivesingles is becoming a popular platform for its users, and its design, which is more user friendly on mobile device, is totally different from the PC version. Also, some features on mobile version are different from the features on PC version.

Below are the unique features of mobile version:

Positive Singles Mobile Reviews

1. Forums

Forum is a place where people can discuss the topics which they are interested in. The topics range from STD issues to dating tips. There are 21 categories in total. Users can create a post in the forum and reply to others' posts. The design of "Forums" on mobile version is very simple. Almost all functions are in one page and users can access them easily.

2. Chat room

In the chat room, users can chat with other people instantly to share their ideas and thoughts. Currently, to avoid spamming, only paying members are allowed to access the chat room. With the chat room in mobile version, users can chat with others at anytime and anywhere. It's very helpful for the newly diagnosed users who are eager to seek emotional help

3. Private photo

Private photo is a great feature to protect the privacy of users. For users who don't want to show their photos publicly, they can put their photos into the private photo album, and open them to some particular users.